"If we're going to go through the effort of printing, " Will says, "then we want to create something of value to the audience. There's a responsibility to do it well and to do it right." - Will Miller, Partner/Design Director, Firebelly

In this issue of Blueline Magazine, you'll read about people in our industry doing amazing things by simply staying true to themselves. They're doing work that matters for businesses with purpose. And many times, they're turning to print to share the truth with the world. 

Featured articles:

  • A Force for Good: How Firebelly is Saving the World and Lifting Chicago's Young Talent 
  • A Lasting Impression: Hatch Show Print has Evolved with the Times While Staying True to their Unique Heritage
  • Print Works! Crafting Your Message for Today's Print Market
  • Print Works! Appealing to Today's Print Buyer
  • Print Works! Selling Print to a New Generation 
  • Print Works! Direct Mail Captivates the Creative Crowd